Funny How Love Is

Part: 1/1 [Oneshot]
State: finished
Warning: slash, english, mh… maybe kind of crazy?
Pairing: Woof/Hud
Disclaimer: both Characters belong to the Musical „Hair“ by Galt Mc Dermot, the Song „Funny How Love Is“, which inspired me a bit, was written by Queen
AN: it is possible to understand the story even though you don’t know „Hair“. There might some mistakes and problems with the style. If you like to correct something -> email me

The fire they had lit up in a steel drum had gone out, so that the tribe’s location of retirement was rested in darkness. They all were accustomed to it, as well as to the hard ground they lay on, the noise of New York City and thick air (because of the hashish fume); also the bulky head you could get from it. And sometimes the head could swell a lot more than anyone would like to, as Hud recognized once more this night.
“I really ask myself what I am doing here with you, colorless brat.” He lay on his back staring on the stone ceiling. It had already begun to change its color because of the fume every night.
“Maybe Love?” , Woof who lay next to him answered raising his eyebrow. It sounded as if it was the most usual thing of the world.
“Oh, don’t become philosophical, I’ve got enough of that myself”, Hud groaned and rose up. “You know exactly well, what I mean. I’m just to well-tempered.”
"To push me from the edge of your bed? Remember - you came to me?” Woof smiled.

When Hud didn’t answer, Woof stroke through Hud’s black, shaggy mane and spun a single curl between his fingers. He loved this wispy tuft, even if it looked as if Hud gripped every morning for styling into a power outlet. He’d never have such a fuzzy-head – just as well as Hud would never have such waveless, glimmering hair like Woof’s. Anyway, Hud would call it “girly”.
But Woof supposed these things, which were special signs of their own individuality, very different signs, were the reason there was something between them and this ‘something’ was the reason they both lay here next to each other.

“You don’t have to sulk now. But you must admit, that in effect it’s me, who’s got the right to ask, what the hell I’m doing here, with you burned up monster…”
“Hey! Be careful, if you go too far!” Huds voice sounded angry and threatened, but Woof just laughed childish.
“Oh, I dare. I love it, when you try to look wicked by ripping open your eyes. Your white eyeballs are silhouetted against you and the darkness. It’s spooky – and very cute.”
Hud snorted snidely and turned away, but he knew he couldn’t change what happened anyway. The day Woof would take anything seriously hadn’t been invented so far. And if he was really honest, he liked that circumstance.

“I hope you’re not offended? I’ve got to amdit, you’re not a burned up monster, but would you prefer chocolate ogre? Even you would agree that you are an indefinable, rather colossal object, so let’s say: an ogre or a monster. But chocolate would also emphasize your positive aspects. Hm… indeed, it’s ingenious!” Woof spread out his arms smiling beamy.
“You’re chattering a lot too much.”
“Just because I waited for you to notice that”, Woof returned and giggled ridiculously again.
“Ooph… I beg you’re not the father of Jeanie’s baby. Anyway it will be nicer with my black curls, but it’s even a horror to imagine it would squeal like you all day long.”
“And all night long”, Woof added. Hud just shot him an angry look.
“Least of all I’d like to think about the nights.”
“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone how well you know my squealing at night, but I suppose nobody would care.”
“I didn’t talk about you, not everything has to be about you. I just thought it might be a bit hard to hear you both squealing at night.”

There was a moment of silence Hud found a bit irritating.
“Does it mean you would..? Oh, that’s the nicest thing I’ve ever heard from you”, Woof said moony. “I mean, I thought you only came to me because Jeanie is impeded at the moment. But you’d come to me again? I cannot believe it. Oh Huddy…” Woof seemed to very touched.
“Stop it! ‘Huddy’ is worse than the chocolate ogre!”
“I know, I just love your reaction. You ripped your eyes open again…”

Hud just shook his head. It was a hopeless operation to talk to Woof in a way you might call ‘seriously’. At last he hadn’t come to talk, he hadn’t remotely. He wished to retire and maybe he had thought that Woof with this innocent look of his blue eyes might be the right one, where he could do so. He had been looking for somebody emotional, somebody honoring his character, somebody sharing an uncommon but true love with him. Maybe he had thought wrong.
Love was relative, love could be a feeling or love could be action or it could be both und Hud wasn’t sure at all what kind of this love was. The only thing he was sure about was that this was love because it asked to let go certainties, just the instant moment counted.
Still how felt Woof about it?

“Is this the only concern that matters for you?”, Hud asked and lay back.
“I’m sorry.” Woof suddenly sounded very silent and for the first time of this night Hud had the impression, that he was really thinking. After a pause he continued very slowly.
“We are Hippies and many people don’t think that friendly about us, because we’re uncommon, because we seem to take it very seriously with peace, freedom and unlimited love and all that stuff and this is very strange to them. But the sad truth is that we cannot deny the influence in our mentality. To us it is strange as well. But unlike other people we make fun about it by not taking it seriously – rather than living without that stuff…”

Hud felt a lump in his throat. He had never thought about his life nor his mentality that way and the weird thing was that he felt Woof was true in some points.
“Maybe in my case it’s even worse because I’m not that serious anyway”, Woof added grinning. The depressing mood was broken whereat Hud was thankful. It didn’t fell right to him that Woof found a reason to doubt when otherwise it was he who was the critic.
“You are a baby, they usually haven’t learned what ‘serious’ means and it’s all right that way.”
“What? That I’m a baby?”

Hud didn’t answer but pulled Woof towards him and kissed him before he could react. It was a moment of surprise which lead into a moment of emotion. When their lips parted from each other Woof had a look on his face as if he was completely absent.
“I don’t think there is anything bad about it to make fun of love”, said Hud, as if nothing had happened.
“It’s always funny how love is. If you want an example, just think about how I got here. Maybe it is strange to us, but why not taking it like a baby who doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. As long as we don’t know, there will be a kind of magic – even if this is ridiculous.”
“You think it’s ridiculous? You would laugh about it?”
“Is love anything else? I’d laugh about it every time – and one more time about you.”
“Well, loving me is just something special”, said Woof smiling.

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